Psychological counseling

Psychological  counseling

Psychotherapy is a solution if you have different kinds of fears, panic attacks, anxiety, feelings of tension, insomnia, moodiness, feelings of loneliness and inferiority, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, a delay in learning, loss of concentration, difficulty in carrying out a professional activity, as stress, difficulties in relationships with others (in the family, in love and sexual relationships, relationships with friends, teachers, co-workers, managers and others.), psychosomatic disorders …

On psychotherapy occur and people who do not exhibit the above difficulties, but who want to get to know yourself and your interaction potential for achieving personal creativity, to improve the quality of life, to learn faster, better progress in professional careers, sports, arts, to be successful parenting and the like.

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About the program

Psychosocial Program YCC is aimed at providing support to people in need and to contribute to the reform of social protection systems in the community. We realize projects and activities that vulnerable categories of the population provided support, equal treatment and status. We develop cooperation between NGOs and public institutions. Develop capacity in the local community who can contribute to solving the problems in this field. We support initiatives that contribute to creating a society in which every individual regardless of their specifics can achieve the maximum. Eradicate prejudices and create new attitudes. We develop programs that specifically and completely new way to open up new perspectives in which every individual is worthy of attention of the community and society as a whole.

Psychological counseling and development of volunteering and high school students in public institutions are programs that for years their results justify our work in this field.